Orion Mirror
  CircularSolid Textured BeechCardamon Finish and Brushed Brass Finish CornersPrefitted Hanging StripW 41¾ x D 1¾ x H 41¾
Bellelax Floor Mirror
Solid Textured BeechCardamon Finish with Brushed Brass Finish CornersPrefitted Hanging StripW 42 x D 1¾ x H 78  
Luxe Mirror
Solid Textured BeechAnise Finish with Brushed Nickel Finish CornersPrefitted Hanging StripW 36 x D 1¾ x H 48  
Bachelor Chest
Top designed for bunching. Three drawers. Wood species is Oak. H30 W30 D19
Wood species is Oak. H45 W28 D1½
British India Mirror
This Indian style mirror with its engrailed top silhouette borrows its form from the age-old architecture of the Indian subcontinent. An 18th century period mirror of this type was prized for its exotic romanticism. This piece boasts a coffered configuration...
Rectangular mirror with a beveled outer frame of figured English sycamore and a chamfered inner frame of mahogany.H38 W50 D2½
Tsuba Mirror
This impressive plate mirror is shaped like a tsuba, the decorated hand guard on a samurai sword. The frame is crafted of solid cherry and veneer.Flat mirror glass. Wood species is Cherry. H36 W46 D1¾
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