Lazar - Cleo Bed
SPECIFICATIONS Channelled Headboard With Platform. Woolco Coal, Black Finish
Lazar - Kennedy Bed
SPECIFICATIONS Idol Icicle W/ Espresso Finish
Lazar - Zoey Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Loose Seat & Back 180 Return Swivel Accent Chair DIMENSIONS 36W X 32H X 36D, 18SH, 60LBS
Lazar - Umbria Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Tight Seat Swivel Chair W/Back Corner Inset Detail Divide White W/Contrast Seat Passion Suede Ivory DIMENSIONS 28W X 31H X 28D, 20SW, 19SH, 21SD, 60LBS
Lazar - Spiral Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS One Arm Swivel Chair W/Metal Base Passion Suede Tide Pool DIMENSIONS 35W X 30H X 35D, 22SW, 17SH, 22SD, 30AH, 70lbs
Lazar - Ripley Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Smaller Scale Swivel Chair W/Upholstered Base DIMENSIONS 35W X 28H X 38D, 60lbs
Lazar - Petite Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Smaller Scale Swivel Chair W/Upholstered Base DIMENSIONS 30W X 32H X 33D, 23SW, 18SH, 23SD, 24AH, 60lbs
Lazar - Pandora Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Chair In Thera Creme W/ Polished Stainless Steel Frame DIMENSIONS 28W 30H 29D 18SH 21SD 24AH 14cuft
Lazar - Otis Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Otis Swivel Chair DIMENSIONS 28W X 32H X 28D, 55lbs
Lazar - Odyssey Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Tufted Back Swivel Chair W/Upholstered Base RAF Swivel Chair, Stork Alabaster(Leather) DIMENSIONS 39W X 40H X 30D, 36SW, 18SH, 23SD, 70lbs
Lazar - Norwood Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Exposed Wood Frame Accent Chair W/Horizontal Channels Rebel Ivory Leather, Umber Finish DIMENSIONS 29W X 33H X 29D, 24SW, 17SH, 19SD, 25AH
Lazar - Mystic Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Barrel Style Swivel Chair DIMENSIONS 36W X 31H X 36D, 22SW X 19SH, 20SD, 25AH, 80LBS
Lazar - Kinetic Accent Chair
Lazar - Grove Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Swivel Chair In Bellisimo Grey W/25" Stainless Steel Swivel Base DIMENSIONS 31W, 33H, 33D, 60LBS
Lazar - Genoa Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Swivel Accent Chair Left Arm Facing In Firestorm Nickel, Right Arm Facing In Firestorm Nickel DIMENSIONS 35W, 30H, 31D, 19SH, 22SD, 60lbs
Lazar - Galactica Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS  Swivel Chair Appeal Jade Mist DIMENSIONS 33W X 29H X 32D, 22SW, 17SH, 23SD, 29AH, 80LBS
Lazar - Flamingo Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Accent Chair W/Metal Legs Body In Adele Pearl DIMENSIONS 33W X 28H X 37D, SH18, SD21, AH22
Lazar - Enzo Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Exposed Wood Arm Chair Medium Walnut Finish DIMENSIONS 28W X 31H X 38D, 22SW, 17SH, 23SD, 22AH
Lazar - Dallas Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Swivel Chair In Atlantic Platinum DIMENSIONS 29W X 29H X 32D, 17SH, 22.50SD, 65LBS
Lazar - Ares Occasional Chair
SPECIFICATIONS  Occasional Chair In Elon Grey
Lazar - Amaro Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS 360 Swivel, W/Tight Seat & Channel Detail Huron-OD Ash (Disc) W/Contrast Welt In Stokes Gild DIMENSIONS 33W X 32H X 33D, 18SH, 22SD, 28AH
Lazar - Amara Accent Chair
SPECIFICATIONS Accent Chair W/Wood Legs Idol Oyster, Greige Finish DIMENSIONS 28W, 31H, 27D, 18.5SH, 19.5SD, 22.5AH 50lbs
Lazar - Tulsa Sofa
SPECIFICATIONS Sofa In Taryn Ecru W/Putty Finish, 22x22 Knife Edge Toss Pillows In Manchester Pearl DIMENSIONS 96W 33H 42D 19SH 23SD 27AH 78cuft
Lazar - Tucson Sofa
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