Sebring Swivel Tilt Pneumatic Lift Chair
Height 41-44", Width 28.25", Depth 31"Inside: Width 20.5", Depth 19"Seat Height 20-23", Arm Height 26-29"
Greyson Swivel Tilt Pneumatic Lift Chair
Height 44.5-48.75", Width 27.75", Depth 33.5"Inside: Width 19.5", Depth 21.5"Seat Height: 18.5-22.75", Arm Height: 26.25-30.5"
Editor's Swivel Tilt Pneumatic Lift Chair
Height 43.5-46.5", Width 28", Depth 32"Inside: Width 18.75", Depth 20"Seat Height: 20-23", Arm Height: 24.5-27.5"
The Grand Staircase Desk
A fine flame veneered bureau, the sloping fall enclosing a fitted interior of faux book and hidden drawers and cabinets, the staircase gallery interior, above a short frieze drawer flanked by dummy drawers, with two short and two long drawers...
Presence Executive Chair
A Commanding, high backed deep Leather chair to contemplate matters of importance. Fully upholstered in leather, Presence creates a luxurious, comfortable perch, featuring a high backrest that gently wraps around creating a feeling of solace. Tight Winged Upholstered Back Tight...
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